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Naturel agave syrup, miel de agave, is a sweet and delicious organic sugar substitute that’s fantastic on a wide range of dishes, snacks and desserts. This agave syrup is extracted from blue agave (Maguey) plants grown in Mexico for the most authentic and mouth-watering agave syrup on the market!

Agave sugars contain fructose, the variety of sugar found in plants, as opposed to glucose. Unlike glucose, fructose causes a much slower increase in blood sugar levels so is recommended by some professionals as an alternative suitable for diabetics in non-advanced stages.

Agave syrup comes from the Maguey plant, or the blue agave plant. All the plants from which Naturel agave syrup is extracted are grown and produced in Mexico, where agave plants are native. Agave syrup is one of Mexico’s most popular sugar alternatives – why not try this authentic blue agave syrup for yourself?

Agave syrup, sometimes known as agave nectar, has less than 3 calories per gram and is 1.5 times sweeter than other natural sweeteners. This makes it a popular choice for those looking to lose weight while still enjoying a sweet treat.

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