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Mexican seasoning 100% Mexican and natural, preservative-free and gluten-free

Sazonador El Sarape’s chipotle chilli powder gives your dishes a touch of spice with smoky chipotle flavour. With this seasoning, you can always have at hand the classic Mexican taste of chipotle chilli – perfect for any dish!

Chipotle chillies are jalapeno peppers that have been dried. Because jalapenos have a unique water content, they have to be dried by smoking. This is what gives chipotle chillies their unique smoky flavour.

This chipotle chilli powder has been made by grinding chipotle chillies into a powder, which makes adding chipotle heat to your dishes easier than ever.

USES: For stews, meats, fish and more. Chipotle chilli powder can be added into sauces or mixed with other seasoning to make your own flavours for marinades or rubs.

Plastic bottle approx. 80gr

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Weight 66 kg


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