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INGREDIENTS:Pork meat, pork jewis, salt, paprika,vegeteble fibre, starch, spices, dextrin, sugar, emulsifier (E-450i, E-451i) antioxidant (E-301 and E-331), preservative (E-252) and colorant (E-252)

Served with Corn or flour tortillas.

*If Flour tortillas are chosen, these will contain gluten.

ALLERGENS: For allergens, check ingredients in bold.

This option of tacos comes with a side of either Salsa Verde (Salsa verde contains Tomatillo, chile verde, coriander, onion, salt)  or Salsa Roja (Salsa Roja Contains Tomato, Chile chipotle, coriander, onion, salt) coriander and onion.

The Portion is enough for 4 tacos.

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