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The habanero chilli, or chile seco habanero, is one of the most intensely hot and spicy chilli peppers that is commonly used in Mexican and Latino cooking. This dried habanero chilli is perfect for creating hot sauces, homemade salsa and marinades for BBQ meats – as long as you like them spicy!

Dried habanero chillies are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different dishes to add heat and flavour. Beneath the spiciness, habanero chilli has sweet and tropical-like flavours similar to coconut and papaya. The heat is acidic and intense.

It’s always recommended when using dried habanero chilli to start with a very small amount to limit the risk of too much heat! Taste the food and add more accordingly. When preparing habanero chillies, we recommend using gloves.

Habaneros are ideal in homemade salsas, wings and barbeque sauce.

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