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Hijos de Villa is a stunning tequila from the Jalisco region of Mexico which comes in a totally unique glass bottle in the shape of a gun. Made from 100% blue agave, this tequila celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, and is certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council.

Not only is the packaging stylish and distinctive, but the tequila inside is high quality too. This tequila is a ton of fun for parties or special events, or it makes a fantastic gift for those who like their drinks to look as stylish as they taste! You can purchase this unique tequila in a pistol bottle or cartridge bottle from our online shop now.

Hijos de Villa in Reposado and Blanco varieties

Hijos de Villa tequila comes in both Reposado and Blanco varieties, which are aged for different periods of time. The Blanco Hijos de Villa is unaged, whilst the Reposado Hijos de Villa is aged for an average of four months in white oak casks. The Blanco is thus more punchy and fresh, whilst the Reposado is more rounded and mellow. The tequila is rich with agave notes and a little smokiness.

Each bottle is numbered to indicate its status as a collector’s item. The glass pistol bottles are custom made and totally unique to Hijos de Villa. The revolver bottles come with two shot glasses from which you can enjoy your neat tequila. Alternatively, you can get a larger 0.7L of Reposado in a glass cartridge bottle.

The Blanco Hijos de Villa Tequila has flavours of sweetness and honey, with an abv of 38%. The Reposado Hijos de Villa Tequila has flavours of beer and ginger, and also has an abv of 38%. Both tequilas are suitable for sipping or slamming, or naturally both are at home in a good cocktail.

Tequila has a long history in Mexico, where they have been making agave-based alcoholic drinks such as pulque for more than 2,000 years. When Spanish settlers arrived in Mexico, they brought with them knowledge of distillation techniques, which were applied to agave plants to create tequila as we know it today. Tequila was first produced in a factory in the 1600s in Jalisco, though the exact details are elusive.

By 1800, tequila makers started to age the tequila in oak barrels to give it a smoother, rounder flavour and to reduce the harshness of the alcohol. Over the years it became increasingly popular in the United States, especially in the South where it was easy to access. From there, it surged in popularity during the Second World War, and again in the 1980s, and tequila drinking spread to be a global phenomenon.


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