Cont. 300 gr (makes 12 cocktails)


Preparing your favourite cocktails has never been so quick and easy with this instant cocktail making kit from Mestizo Market – Polvo para preparar cocteles instantaneos. It’s designed so creating that perfect margarita, daiquiris or mojito is simple and hassle-free. Enjoy your favourite cocktail in minutes!

Paradrink mix is an instant cocktail making kit and provides ​​a new, easy way to prepare your favourite cocktails in less than a minute. Made with dried fruit powder for an authentic, fruity taste, it’s specially designed to be used for a wide range of different cocktails including margaritas, mojitos, pina coladas, daiquiris, smoothies and so many more!

Flavours: Lime, Pina colada, Chamoy, Mango

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