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Cont. 250 ml

Karo maple corn flavour corn syrup is ideal for topping breakfasts, from pancakes to bacon, to give a delicious sweet flavour to fruit cocktails, or to perfect your favourite desserts. In an easy container, simply drizzle the corn syrup over your dishes and enjoy the sweet taste of maple at a fantastic price!


Corn syrup can be used in a huge variety of different ways. Most commonly, it’s drizzled over the top of your favourite desserts, such as icecream or waffles, or on breakfasts like hotcakes or pancakes. It can also be used in recipes to sweeten desserts.

This corn syrup is maple flavour.

Ingredients list: Corn glucose, fructose syrup, water, sugar, iodized salt, artificial flavoring, potassium sorbate (0.1% as preservative), natural dye (caramel color class IV), citric acid and carboxymethyl cellulose.

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