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Blue corn flour (harina azul) from Maseca for tortillas, tamales, quesadillas, pupusas, atoles, empanadas, gorditas and sopes. Blue corn flour is made from grinding dried blue flint corn (sometimes known as Indian corn). Blue corn flour has a coarser texture than white corn flour and makes denser final products. Buy harina azul para tortillas (blue corn flour for tortillas) from Mestizo Market today for authentic and delicious Mexican food.

Blue corn flour is made from dried and ground blue flint corn. This species of corn has a natural blue colour, which gives dough made from its flour a similar blue hue. Harina azul is made by soaking the blue flint corn in water with lime. This is called nixtamalized flour, which makes the corn flour easier to digest.

Blue corn flour, historically, was the variety of corn flour known to be preferred by the Native American tribes the Hopis, the Navajos and the Pueblo. It is now enjoyed throughout Mexico and around the world.

Blue corn flour is made from corn, which makes it naturally gluten free.

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