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The mulato chilli, or mulato chile, is a similar chilli to the ancho pepper and is related to the poblano family. The mulato pepper is allowed to ripen until a beautiful chocolate colour, then is harvested and dried. It is fruity and sweet, with a hint of licorice, cherry and tobacco.

Mulato chile is perfect in poblano or mole sauce because it’s rich and sweet, with bitter chocolate undertones.

The mulato chilli is used in Mexican mole sauces, along with the ancho and pasilla chiles. Because it is dried, it is commonly ground into chilli powder, but you can also char then rehydrate it to blend into a sauce. Whole or ground, it is perfect for many sauces.

Storage information: Keep in a dry, cool place.

    Using Mulato Chillies

Because of their sweet, fruity flavour combined with notes of bitter chocolate and tobacco, mulato chile makes a fantastic chile for mole or poblano sauce.

You can grind the chilli into powder, but why not try the more traditional method of preparation?

1. Pull out the stem and tap the chilli until all the seeds fall out
2. Char the mulato on a hot skillet until the skin blackens. This helps to release the oils.
3. Soak in warm water for about half an hour until it’s soft
4. Blend with other spices, chillies and ingredients to form a mouth-watering sauce, such as mole.

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