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San Miguel – Chilaquiles with Pasilla Chilli Sauce / Chilaquiles con Salsa de Chile Pasilla. 370g

You can add some chicken, meat or scrambled eggs, topped it with sour cream, feta cheese, onion rings and coriander.

These chilaquiles feature delicious pasilla chillies which are known for their fruity, slightly liquorice flavour. The kit contains all you need to whip up a quick meal and you can add chicken or eggs to make it particularly delicious.

INGREDIENTS: Fried tortilla and Pasilla chilli sauce.

San Miguel – Chilaquiles with Chipotle chilli sauce / Chilaquiles Horneados con Salsa Chipotle de la abuela. 370g

Choose this San Miguel kit that includes fried tortillas with chipotle chilli sauce for an easy, hassle-free way to enjoy chilaquiles at home.

This chilaquiles kit comes with fried tortillas and spicy chipotle chilli sauce. Chipotle chillies are smoky and sweet, so create a delicious flavour for chilaquiles. You can add chicken, ground meat or scramble eggs and top with sour cream, feta cheese and coriander. Why not add some onion rings too for a sweet, tangy addition.

INGREDIENTS: Fried tortilla and Chipotle chilli sauce.

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