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Cont. 475 ml

Chamoy sauce is a blend of sweet and savoury. It’s made with apricot to give a tangy sweetness, but combined with mild chilli peppers and lime to bring tangy spice. This chamoy sauce from tajin is an instant way to enjoy these classic Mexican flavours. Serve it up in the traditional way as a dip for fresh fruit, such as mango, or use it as a marinade for vegetables or meat.

PREPARATION AND USAGE: Ideal with snacks, chips, drinks, and desserts.

INGREDIENTS: Water, chilli peppers, lime, apricot and salt.

DIETARY INFORMATION: Vegan and Vegetarian.

PACKAGE TYPE: Plastic bottle.

STORAGE INFORMATION: Don’t freeze this product, keep between 7*c – 28*c in a cool dry place.

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