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Explore our range of blue corn flour and create fantastic blue tortilla dough. Blue corn flour, or harina de maiz azul, can be used to make dough for a huge range of other dishes including gorditas, sopes, pupusas, corn cakes, quesadillas and so much more.

Our range of authentic blue corn flour is made from ground dried corn and is gluten free so can be enjoyed by all. Our blue corn flour is nixtamalized, which means the corn is treated with lime, making the blue corn softer and easier to digest.

To make tortillas using blue corn flour simply mix with 3 cups of water until the mixture and consistency is uniform. You can tell when the mixture is ready as it won’t stick to your hands. Separate and form the dough into golf ball sizes then press them out into tortillas. Cook them on a hot plate for crepes or on a flat pan.

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican blue corn flour, order from Mestizo Market today.

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