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Dried epazote is a herb native to Central America, South America, and southern Mexico that is extremely popular in Mexican and Latino recipes for its distinct flavour. Epazote has a sharp and strong flavour, sometimes compared to coriander, so it’s usually added to recipes towards the end to prevent bitterness. It goes particularly well with shellfish, eggs, salads, cheeses, pork fat, black beans, chilaquiles, enchiladas, potatoes and sopes.

Dried epazote from Mestizo Market can be added to a range of Mexican or Latino dishes to give them a distinct flavour.

Epazote is also thought to have a range of health benefits and was once known as ‘wormseed’ or ‘Mexican tea’ in some areas of the world due to its medicinal uses to treat parasites or intestinal cramps. It’s often paired with beans to help reduce intestinal gas.

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    If you are unable to get it fresh and can’t grow it, then at least try to get some of the herbs in dried form. You are most likely to find these at a Mexican grocery store or in the Hispanic foods section of a well-stocked supermarket. The flavor of the dried form of this herb will be

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