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Cont. 235 gr

PREPARATION AND USAGE: Just mix it with hot chicken broth or water and enjoy it, bathe the chicken or anything that you want to accompany it with.

This Dona Maria mole paste is perfect for creating mouth-watering mole poblano in no time! Combining chilli peppers, peanuts and other flavours of fruit and spices, this mole paste is traditional and authentic. Dona Maria is a well known manufacturer of Mexican sauces.

Add four parts water or broth to one part mole paste for a delicious sauce. It can be used to make mole poblano, which traditionally takes hours to prepare, or simply to infuse mole flavours into your other dishes.

INGREDIENTS: chilli peppers, soybean oil, crackers (wheat flour, salt and corn starch), sugar, sesame seeds, peanuts, salt, cocoa and natural flavors.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION. Contains Peanuts, sesame.
DIETARY INFORMATION: Vegan and Vegetarian.

PACKAGE TYPE: Glass jar and metal lid.
RECYCLING INFORMATION: Glass and metal lid widely recycled, label also recyclable.
STORAGE INFORMATION: Once open, transfer to a container and refrigerate.

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