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Cont. 220 gr

Enjoy the tangy heat of pickled jalapeno peppers from Mestizo Market. These delicious sliced jalapeno peppers have been preserved in brine, vinegar and salt to preserve the chillies and combine the tangy taste of vinegar with the heat of the jalapenos. Sliced jalapeno peppers are often enjoyed with diced carrots and onion slices, or you can blend them into sauces, add them to your stews or sprinkle them over your favourite salad for a little extra heat!


Enjoy a little extra heat with tangy sliced jalapeno peppers. Use them to top your burgers or salads, add them into omelettes or blend them into a spicy sauce. The ideas are endless!

Ingredients: Jalapeño chili (sliced), water, white vinegar from sugarcane, onion, carrot, salt, sugar, spices, garlic and vegetable oil.

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