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Cont. 475 ml

Authentic Mexican chipotle sauce by Tajin. Delicious, smoky and ready to use, this chipotle sauce is mouth-wateringly tasty! Tajin have been creating Mexican sauces for years and pack intense, bold flavour into this chipotle sauce.

Mexican chipotle sauce is smoky, rich and spicy. This sauce from Tajin is packed with the authentic flavour of chipotle chillies. Chipotle chillies are made from jalapenos. Due to the water content of this chilli, it has to be dried through a special method of smoking, which gives it its distinct flavour.

This chipotle sauce can be used as a dip for crisps, mixed into your favourite stews, or even paired with fruit to enjoy some classic Mexican flavours.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Chipotle pepper. Iodized salt, dehydrate lime juice, xanthan gum.
DIETARY INFORMATION: Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal.

PACKAGE TYPE: Plastic bottle.

STORAGE INFORMATION: Don’t freeze this product, keep between 7*c – 28*c, in a cool dry place.

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