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Dried guajillo chillies, or Chile Seco Guajillo, are the dried form of mirasol chillies. A guajillo chili has a medium heat, roughly similar to the jalapeno, with a sweet, aromatic flavour that’s sometimes compared to green tea. They are used in a massive range of dishes from tamales to salsa.

Storage information: Keep them in a dry, cool place.

Guajillo chili uses
A guajillo chili has potential to be turned into a massive range of different dishes! It’s often paired with pasilla and ancho peppers to make a rich, red mole sauce. Some people claim that the guajillo is part of the Mexican ‘holy trinity’ of peppers along with pasilla and ancho (sometimes mulato). However, this varies a lot between different regions and even different families!

Uses guajillo chillies in mole sauces, salsa, tamales, stews or other marinades and rubs (adobos) for meat.

Chili Preparation
Guajillo chillies have a tough skin, which means they need soaking for a while to rehydrate and it’s best done in very hot water.

Use boiling water or very hot water from the tap to cover the chili and let it soak for at least 20 minutes until soft. It’s important that they’re submerged in the water so if they float use a small bowl or plate to keep them under.

Once they’re soft, they can be used in a variety of ways such as blending into Mexican sauces or chopping and frying up with your favourite vegetables.

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