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The pasilla chile, or chilli negro, is a dried chilaca chilli pepper whose name means ‘little raisin’. It has a mild to medium-hot, rich flavour. It’s most commonly combined with ancho and mulato chillies into mole sauce. Delicious!

Preparation and usage: Dried pasilla chillies can be used dry by grinding them up into a powder, or rehydrated and blended with other chillies into your favourite sauces.

To rehydrate pasilla chile, put the pepper in hot water and leave until soft – usually around 15-30 mins. The chilli can then be mixed with other spices and chillies (most commonly ancho and mulato), and blended into a smooth and spicy sauce. This method helps to distribute the heat and flavour of the pasilla throughout the dish.

Storage information: Keep them in a dry, cool place.

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