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Cont. 500 gr

Size: 15cm (each tostada)

Enjoy fried tortillas, tostadas, from Pepe Comala. Tostadas are a classic Mexican snack enjoyed dipped into hot sauce or used to add crunch to a meal. They are crispy and made from fried corn tortillas. The frying process adds colour and extra flavour to the tortilla for a tasty snack or accompaniment to your meal. At Mestizo Market, we also have baked tostadas available.

Crunchy, full of flavour and perfectly satisfying! Enjoy fried tortilla tostadas without the hassle of making them at home.

In Mexico, tostadas are used as a crunchy accompaniment to pozole, ceviche, refried beans and loads of other dishes. They also work well crushed over your favourite stews or as a dip for chipotle hot sauce. They can be used to make fantastic toast piled with potato sausage or crab. Delicious!

NOTE: Please be aware that due to the fragility of this product, defects can occur while shipping, which we do not take accountability for.

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