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Cont. 300 ml

Chamoy sauce is a very popular sauce in Mexico and Latin America. It’s known for it’s fruity flavour, combined with chilli peppers. This Chamoy Gourmet sauce uses citrus fruits and chillies to create a mouth-watering accompaniment to any type of fruit, snacks and, of course, to michelada.


PREPARATION AND USAGE: Pour over your favourite fruit (it’s fantastic with mango, apple or pineapple) or use to make drinks, such as making delicious micheladas or chamoyadas.

INGREDIENTS: chilli powder, Salt, Lime Juice 0.5% Silicenone Dioxide.

PACKAGE TYPE: Plastic bottle and lid.
RECYCLING INFORMATION: Bottle, lid and label widely recycled.
STORAGE INFORMATION: after opening, keep in a dry and cool place.

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