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The dried cascabel chilli is known as the rattle chilli because the inside is hollow and, when dried, the seeds create a loud and distinctive rattle. With a beautiful nutty flavour, that becomes more pronounced if they’re dry roasted before using in recipes, they are superb in tomato or tomatillo based dishes. Because of their subtle but delicious flavour, cascabel chilli is often used alongside other chillies, particularly chipotle.

Cascabel chillies are a fantastic Mexican chilli that’s nutty with a medium to mild heat – usually about the same as a jalapeno or a little cooler. Their name translates to ‘little bell’ due to their small and round shape.

They are excellent paired with smokey chipotle chillies in recipes such as mole or sticky, BBQ marinades.

The cascabel chilli has a tough skin, so you will need to soak them for a little longer than some dried chillies in order to rehydrate them.

Storage information: Keep them in a dry, cool place.

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