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Peanuts have a large amount of protein, vitamins and fiber that benefit your health and, not only that, they’re delicious! Known as palanqueta de cacahuate in Spanish, this peanut candy bar is crammed full of delicious peanuts, held together in a hard caramel. There’s not a more delicious way to enjoy peanuts than this!


Cont. 10 pieces of 65 gr each

Looking for the perfect peanut candy bar? Look no further! These are packed full of peanuts bound together by sweet caramel. It’s delicious!

There’s also increasing evidence that peanuts reduce the risks of cancer and heart diseases because of their ability to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Enjoy peanut candy bars, or palanqueta de cacahuate, as part of a balanced diet.

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Weight 0.65 kg


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