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Cont. 907 gr

A large Tajin Clásico seasoning, perfect for families who love the signature blend of chilli peppers, sea salt and lime that’s distinct to Tajin! This delicious seasoning can be sprinkled over a spread of different fruits, used to flavour french fries or can be added into your favourite Mexican stew recipes.


Tajin Clásico is a delicious combination of mild chilli peppers, zingy lime and sea salt. It’s an exciting twist of flavour that works particularly well on sweet treats like mango or other kinds of fruit.

It’s extremely versatile and can be used to add flavour to all sorts of recipes including stews and soups, sauces and marinades and so much more.

PACKAGE TYPE: Plastic Bottle.

STORAGE INFORMATION: Don’t freeze this product, keep between 7*C – 28*C, in a cool dry place.

INGREDIENTS: chilli peppers, iodized salt, dehydrated lime juice, xanthan gum.
DIETARY INFORMATION: Vegetarian and Vegan.

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