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Cont. 475 ml

Tajin sauce blends chilli peppers, lime and salt to create a spicy, tangy and delicious sauce that can be used in a wide range of dishes. Traditionally, tajin sauce is enjoyed with fruit to create a zingy sweet and sour taste that’s very popular in Mexico. However, you can blend it into a wide variety of other dishes or use it as a topping for your favourite snacks, such as tortilla chips or Takis crisps.

Tajin is traditionally used to season fruits, such as mangoes, which are popular in Central and South America. However, the sauce can also be used to flavour vegetables, soups or meat. You can squeeze some tajin sauce into your favorite recipe for garden salad or vegetable soup, or use it over crudites. Try placing a small bowl of Tajin on a vegetable platter for dipping. Tajin sauce is also a popular way to add an extra kick to french fries or mashed potatoes.

You can use Tajin seasoning on almost any type of meat as a marinade or a direct seasoning. For poultry, smother it on chicken before grilling or frying. For beef or pork, spread the mixture on ribs, steaks, roasts, chops and other cuts. It makes an excellent burger sauce!

INGREDIENTS: Water, chilli peppers, lime and salt.

DIETARY INFORMATION: Vegan and Vegetarian.

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