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Tamborines are drum shaped, spicy tamarind candy. Not only are they chewy and satisfying to eat, but they also have an exciting mixture of sweet and hot that children and adults love. Combining two authentic Mexican flavours of tamarind with chili, this spicy tamarind candy is a crowd-pleasing choice!


Cont. 200 individually wrapped sweets, 4.5g each

Spicy tamarind candy, Tamborines are chewy and delicious!

Tamborines tamarind candy are drum-shaped sweets that are chewy and delicious! They combine the sweet flavour of tamarind with the spicy heat of piquin and guajillo chillies. Each sweet is individually wrapped so they can be slipped into your pocket, your bag or can be enjoyed straight from the tub!

This tamarind candy makes for an excellent sweet treat at any time of the day.

Tamarind is a fruit that comes in pods, from a tree native to Mexico and areas of Africa. It’s quite a tart fruit, which means that it’s often used to create sour flavours. The fruit contains brown pulp which is delicious in many recipes, including our Tamborine tamarind candy!

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, corn starch, citric acid, malic acid, salt, tamarind, chilli piquin and guajillo powder, colors FD&C red 40, FD&C yellow 5, sodium benzoate as preservative.

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