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Content: 50 grams

Ancho chilli, chile ancho seco, is the dried form of the poblano chilli pepper that’s been allowed to ripen, giving them a sweeter flavour than normal green poblanos. Ancho has a mild paprika flavour with sweet to moderate heat that’s often compared to raisins. Ancho chile is perfect for a range of dishes such as ancho sour cream on potatoes or to add heat into enchiladas.

Ancho chilli is a sweet and moderately hot chilli that can be used in a range of different ways. You can leave the chilli dry and crumble it into your dishes or rehydrate it by soaking in warm water and blend it into sauces. The technique you use will impact the way the heat is enjoyed. Crumbled, you will get sudden bites of sweet heat from the ancho chilli, while blended it will be more evenly distributed throughout the dish.

The ancho chile pepper, together with the Mulato and Pasilla chilli peppers, form the “holy trinity” of peppers widely used in cooking mole sauces. The Ancho is used to add flavour, heat and colour to the sauces.

Storage information: Keep them in a dry cool place.

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