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This fajita seasoning is perfect for fans of one of the most famous dishes from Yucatan, cochinita pibil. This seasoning mix combines the distinctive cochinita pibil flavour of achiote with mouth-watering spices perfect for fajitas. Cook this fajita mix into ground or diced pork, combine with red onion and top with some habanero hot sauce on top of a soft corn tortilla. It’s the perfect cochinita pibil style fajita seasoning!

– 100% natural
– No preservatives
– Made with high quality mexican chillies
– Low in sodium

Achiote is a distinctive Mexican flavour that’s perhaps most commonly associated with cochinita pibil. Why not explore our cochinita pibil seasoning that’s ideal for creating this traditional dish. This fajita seasoning brings a new twist to your fajitas with the delicious flavour of achiote.

Ingredients: Achiote powder, sea salt, garlic powder, ground black pepper, ground onion, sesame seeds, potato flakes, and various spices.

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