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Cont. 126 gr

Crunchy, low-calorie tostada crackers from Sanissimo. The corn and cactus provide a fantastic source of fibre while being gluten-free and delicious! These tostada crackers have no added oil or fat, so you can enjoy a healthy and tasty snack any time of the day.

– Excellent source of fibre
– Only 72 Calories per 3 tostadas crackers
– No oil or fat added
– Naturally gluten free
– Helps to improve digestion

Nopal cactus is thought to have a range of health benefits including regulating blood sugar levels and reducing cholesterol. These baked tostada crackers contain cactus so you can enjoy the taste and potential health benefits of cactus in a low-calorie snack.

Baked tostada crackers can be topped with anything. We love them with homemade salsa.



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