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These lollipops have a tasty tamarind flavour… with 4 different layers of chilli! Rockaleta lollipops aren’t for the fainthearted, but they’re a mouth-watering delicious treat for those who like a bit of heat. In the centre, you’ll find a tasty, chewy gumball. Enjoy the classic Latin American combination of sweet and hot with Rockaleta lollipops.


Rockaleta lollipops combine sweet tamarind flavour with layers of hot chilli. They have a tamarind-flavoured chewing gum centre.

NUTRITIONAL DATA: Per Unit. Energy 88 Cal / 374 kJ. Fat: 0 g. Saturated fat: 0 g. Sugars: 19 g. Salt: 0 g. Protein: 0 g. Sodium: 550 mg

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