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Enjoy canned poblanos ready for whatever exciting dishes you want to prepare! Chile poblano, or whole green peppers, are especially popular in central and southern Mexico. These canned poblano peppers are ideal for preparing chilies stuffed with cheese, chile en nogada, aztec cake and many more traditional Mexican meals. Mild heat.

Poblano peppers are a variety of green chilli pepper that are large, but fairly mild in terms of heat. When they’re dried they are known as ancho chillies.

Storage: Once opened, empty the content in another container and storage in the fridge.

Ingredients: poblano chiles, water, iodized salt, citric acid acidifier, sugar

How to use: Canned poblanos be used in a huge range of dishes. For example, to fill or to prepare Chiles en Nogadas.


    Chiles en Nogada recipe with Canned Poblanos


Use canned poblanos for an easy and hassle-free way to make chiles en Nogada, which is particularly popular in Mexico during August and September.

1. Prepare the meat filling by frying chopped or ground pork or beef in a pan. You can also use other kinds of meat such as chicken or turkey. If you’re vegetarian, why not use a meat substitute?

2. Once the meat is browned, add onion and cook until soft and then and other spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, and garlic and cook for another couple of minutes.

3. You can also add other ingredients to the filling such as potatoes, peas, courgette, raisins and chopped carrots. Combine these in with the meat mix and ensure they’re all cooked through.

4. Mix with a tomato puree made from either blended fresh tomatoes and water or a ready-made tomato puree with water and allow to cook.

5. Use the canned poblanos from Mestico Market and roast the chillies straight over a gas hob so they’re slightly charred. While hot, place them in a bag or damp tea towel to cool. Once cool enough, remove the charred skin and split them open down the middle (don’t cut all the way!), removing the seeds.

6. Make a creamy walnut sauce by blending walnuts, Mexican cream, cinnamon and brown sugar until smooth.

7. Stuff the chillies with the meat and vegetable filling so they just close. Place each chilli on a plate and cover with the creamy walnut sauce.


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